We help clients build their dream customer support team with us
Experienced Support Staff
We Are Known For Providing Exceptional Customer Service
Zulmashi LTD provides support staff that has years of experience in the industry. They can understand your company’s needs and with their experience, help you expand your business.
Positive reviews
Zulmashi LTD strives for excellence, and our happy customers express their appreciation with positive reviews.
About Us
Our clients often ask, what is our secret? And we simply answer that we stay true to our commitments. We are a bit old-school that way. Honoring our word means a lot to all of us. And when we promise that we will provide competent staff, we do it at any cost.
We would like to welcome you into our humble family. We are a company built on dreams and hard work.
All of us have spent many hours looking for the right talents for our clients. The main motive behind this company was to elevate the industry standards. And even if we have to work 18 hours a day it is worth it.
Our mission is to provide the exceptional customer and back office support you need to strengthen and expand your business.
Our Services
Customer Support Teams
We provide customer support teams with experts in taking calls, providing rapid solutions, creating value with every call, and merging with the customers. Our team ensures that all of your customers get the attention they want and personalize solutions as per their problems.
Back Office Support Teams
The back-office support we provide will help increase the efficiency of your office. Our support staff can take care of a range of tasks with accuracy. From bookkeeping and accounting to data entry and admin tasks. They can take care of everything within the deadlines.
Automation And AI
Zulmashi LTD also provides automation and AI support like chatbots, speech analytics, voice metrics, robotics automation, etc. We help boost our clients’ engagement with these services.
Multilingual Support
All of our customer support staff are experts in different languages. They can provide personalized assistance to the customers in their native language and help you build a great rapport with customers.
Technical Support
We only hire candidates who are experts in their fields and can help. They can provide assistance via calls, SMS, and emails.
Customer Success
Zulmashi LTD takes the customer support service a step forward. We provide a customer success manager. Our manager helps the customer support staff interact with the customer in a healthy manner.
Fueling growth through professionally managed, qualified omnichannel customer support
Live Chat
Social Media
Self Support
Chat Bot
Messenger Services
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Process To Excellent Staff
After you have decided to collaborate with us. We will assign an onboarding manager. Our onboarding manager will help you assemble a team. You only have to describe the needs of your business and what you are looking for. The manager will take care of the process like recruiting, training, and launching.
Step 1
Internal Headhunting
After you have described your requirements and needs, the onboarding manager will get in touch with our hiring team. The hiring team will headhunt the right candidate and interview them to help create a dream team for your firm.
Step 2
Once the candidates have been interviewed and shortlisted, we move to the next step that is training. Keeping your requirements in mind, our team trains the candidates to prepare them for your operations. We will also provide the training documents and certificates to the candidates.
Step 3
After the training is complete. We will hand over your personalized team to you. We also assign an account manager that will monitor and supervise your team. The team will be fully trained and dedicated to your business. All you have to do is assign tasks and measure your sales and efficiency.
Step 4
Continuous Improvement
We are aware of the changing trends. This is why we assign a customer success manager. The manager will ensure that the candidates are up to date on the latest trends. They help them improve their efficiency. And it directly affects the management of the team.
Step 5
After you are satisfied with the results. You can increase your team members and expand your business with efficient and trained support staff.
Step 6
What Our Customers Say
Having the Zulmashi LTD team onboard was one of the best decisions. They have helped my business a lot. I hired support for back-office and customer service. And both of the areas have strengthened. They take care of all customer-related problems.
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Vacancies at Zulmashi LTD
Customer Support Manager
Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
Working with a variety of clients;
Work on building workflows and customer support strategies;
Advise and share expertise with customer support teams...
Vacancie 1
Customer Support Specialist
Efficiently deliver solutions to customers by email and live chat and drive results by meeting or exceeding individual and team productivity and quality goals.
Vacancie 2
Client Experience Representative
Client Experience Representative provides elevated customer service remotely via all communication channels. This position provides you with a career opportunity and growth as you continuously acquire skills through our rigorous training program.
Vacancie 3
Technical Support Specialist
The Technical Support Specialist (TSS) is responsible for providing front-line technical support and assistance to client administrators and end users for software-related issues. This includes receiving, prioritizing, documenting, and actively resolving user requests.
Vacancie 4